Free Level 5 Finish Consult Prior To Painting

Level 5
Level 5 finish is recommended for areas where severe lighting conditions exist and areas that are to receive gloss, semi-gloss, enamel or non-textured flat paints. Level 5 requires all the operations in Level 4. Additionally, a thin skim coat of joint compound, or material manufactured especially for this purpose, is applied to the entire surface. (This definition is referenced to Terminology, Section II, Page 2 of GA-214 to make the description of "skim coat" clear to all.) The surface is smooth and free from tool marks and ridges. Before final decoration it's recommended that the prepared surface be coated with a primer prior to the application of final finishes. The Level 5 finish is required to achieve the highest degree of quality by providing a uniform surface and minimizing the possibility of joint photographing and/or fasteners "burning through" the final decoration.

It is important to consider that each level of finish as described in the recommendation is intended to stand alone. The levels are not intended to be cumulative. In other words, you do not add levels together to achieve the next higher level of finish.

Careful attention should be given to the "'Note" following Levels 3, 4, and 5: "It is recommended that the prepared surface be coated with a "drywall primer" prior to the application of final paint. See painting specification in this regard." This is an important step that should not be forgotten before final decoration. "Drywall primer" replaced the term "primer/sealer" throughout the revised document. The application of high quality, high solids drywall primer minimizes most decorating problems.

As defined in the recommendation, a drywall primer is a paint material specifically formulated to fill the pores and equalize the suction difference between gypsum board surface paper and the compound used on finished joints, angles, fastener heads and accessories, and over skim coatings.