Skim Coating

Skim Coating is the process of applying a plaster or joint compound veneer to a wall or ceiling to cover imperfections and to achieve a "Level 5 Finish".  Skim Coating is very effective to correct the following conditions:

  1. Existing roller texture - a thin layer of plaster will fill and smooth existing texture from previous paint finishes caused by roller marks, lines, sags, and excessive coats of paint.
  2. Following Wall repair - when walls are repaired, the repair will have smooth finish and will stand out against the previously painted surface which will have a roller texture. 
  3. Following Wallpaper Removal - When wallcovering is remove, there is often wall damage that needs to be smoothed.  Skim coating will also serve to cover primed glue or primed wallcovering, when removal is excessively difficult.
  4. New Sheetrock - Skim Coating new sheetrock will even the wallboard from tape lines and even the substrate when applying higher sheen paints such as eggshell or pearl fininshes.